Remarkable Movers – Moving Services

Corporate Services -Remarkable Movers  - Brooklyn Best Rated Movers VIP Packers - VIP Services in Brooklyn , NY - Remarkable Movers

Corporate Services -Remarkable Movers – Brooklyn Best Rated Movers VIP Packers – VIP Services in Brooklyn , NY – Remarkable Movers

 Moving Services


Local Moving

Local Moving in New York City requires a skill set and experience you don’t achieve overnight. All of our drivers know the 5 boroughs and beyond. We have a database of building requirements, so we may know what your building insists on before you do. Whether it’s a fifth floor walk-up, or the most exclusive residences in the City, we’ve been there before, and can probably give you a reference.


Long-Distance Moving

 When we move over long distances, we never sell or freight forward the job, we handle it ourselves from start to finish. And we deliver fast. Typically the crews that pack and load the truck get going the same day, if that’s your preference. Also, we have found that continuity is the key to success over long distances, so we keep the same crew throughout your move. We go to Washington D.C. and Boston weekly, and Chicago and Florida monthly. Please call us for a great rate for packing, moving, unloading, whatever you need.


Packing & Unpacking

Our packing service is at the top of the industry. We have packed tea sets given by the Queen herself. We’ve packed and moved chandeliers, Grandfather Clocks, and Grand Pianos. We would be happy to discuss your packing needs, whether or not they are in conjunction with a move.



If you are ‘between places’ due to closing dates, renovations, or long term travel, we can provide a storage solution that works for your budget as well as your belongings. Call Remarkable Movers! Representative today to assist you with a plan that will alleviate the headaches of entrusting your goods on a temporary basis.



Remarkable Movers is moving company, but we still carry a complete set of moving supplies of all kinds should you need them.


Toll Free 800-311-9850

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