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The prospect of moving makes many people shudder as they imagine packing boxes, figuring out how to transport them, and then of course unloading everything into their new living space. Make life easy on yourself by hiring the experts here at Brooklyn Movers to take care of it for you. We provide a fully comprehensive residential moving service as we do much more than just move boxes. We can pack up your existing home, transport your items to your new place, and unload it for you so there is no need for you to raise a finger.
Lone*Star Moving LLC has been in business since 1976 and has built up a fantastic reputation for providing high quality moving and packing services at affordable prices. Brooklyn Movers  is a licensed and insured New York Moving Company whose business practice is to ensure the safety and the value of your precious belongings that need to be moved to your new location. Each of our professional movers are educated on code, procedure, and certifications as we are New York State certified. Not only are our movers certified, but they are required to have at least 5 years of moving experience in order to be able to work for Brooklyn Movers . This expertise and professionalism make our moving services unique as we have the manpower and the knowledge to safely and effectively move your belongings for you.
Our company is available for well planned out moves, as well as emergency moving situations.
*       Packing
*       Unpacking
*       Setting up
*       Painting
*       Disposing of items
*       Small maintenance jobs
We strive to offer a butler like moving service in which we disassemble all furniture on arrival. We also provide padding and shrink wrapping of all items for cleanliness and protection during the moving process. Once we arrive to your new living space, we will unload and reassemble all furniture and set up your new place. Our moving crews are extremely accommodating as we will re-arrange furniture and items to suit your likings and needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we will not stop moving furniture or items around until you are completely satisfied.
Our moving company is perfect for people that don’t have the time or the strength to be able to move themselves into a new dwelling. We take all of the hard work out of the process as we are able to help you get out of your old place and into your new place with ease. Our friendly professional movers will make sure to do everything possible in order to make your moving experience a memorable one for all of the right reasons. If you are looking for experience, affordability and a reputable New York Moving Company to take care of your precious belongings during a move, make sure to contact us here at. Brooklyn Movers We offer the highest quality moving services around for the most affordable prices. If you have a residential move coming up, make sure to contact us for a free estimate.
Since we care about customer’s satisfaction, we offer quality service on any size job. Whether your move is large or small, residential or commercial it will be handled with the same professionalism, high quality, efficiency and consistent service that has made Brooklyn Movers your #1 choice for New York’s homes and businesses. We have a special dedication to Senior Citizens as well as our prestigious Military. Our mission is to ease the relocation process for military members and seniors and their families which give them the peace of mind that they need during an emotional event such as a move. Our company is also licensed and insured to make sure that items are protected. As a luxury to you, we provide a full service moving option which includes tape, plastic wrap, blankets, disassembly, and reassembly at no extra charge. Our customers love these extra perks as we try to provide a butler like moving experience that you will never forget. Join the many repeat and referred customers who are thoroughly satisfied with our prices and services!
If you have a move coming up, make sure to call, email, or fill out our quote form here on our website. We guarantee that we will get you a quote within 1 hour. Remember that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be able to speak with you about your upcoming move. Get the professional moving company that you deserve by contacting us today at Brooklyn Movers . All of us from  Brooklyn Movers thank you in advance for your consideration in providing professional and affordable high quality moving services in New York.